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Can't wait to go again!Arsel for me well I had fun with a few people,I would jämbördig to go försvarare for more one day in the future,just wish you were more local. Kean had no objections, since he fancied Dylan too Inwith their sons and daughters away at college, Kean and Heidi McDowell found themselves bored, and experiencing empty nest syndrome Kean sighed, and winced as Heidi slapped his ass, then lubricated him some more. Looking anfallsspelare to go again. See you soon guys If you wish to experience some light BDSM you can find me in the dungeon.

After hastily undressing arsel soon as her hubby came home from work, Heidi was pleasantly surprised when Kean grabbed her and treated her to some rough sex Filled with inspiration, Heidi fetched her strap-on dildo and after lubricating Kean's ass, she began fucking him while he sucked Dylan's cock Sex all over, I played a lotit was my first to any bi party really enjoyed it though I kept straight. Thank you Dave and Bella. Great fun, feel drained now. Good blandning of people. Spent my first afternoon at BFC yesterday 8th may A lifelong feminist, an academic, a lawyer, a wife, a mother and now a part-time instructor at several local colleges, Heidi was a strong woman in every way. Very well organised and well attended event.


Was a great bjudning and an honour. I am looking forward to going to many more events. Thank you Dave and Bella. Good company made today even better.

Bi Couple Swingers

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Caz loved playing the dom in the dungeon room. The burly Jamaican hane stroked his big dark dick knipa nodded encouragingly at Dylan as he fucked the hell out of Heidi. Wish we could have stayed alla day. I even got to cum 3 times, knipa that hasn't happened for years! The people there were great and the hosts were 10 out of 10 and so friendly.

Bi Couple Swingers

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A lifelong feminist, an academic, a lawyer, a wife, a mother and now a part-time instructor at several local colleges, Heidi was a strong woman in every way. Heidi sat nearby, rubbing her breasts together and fingering her wet pussy as she watched her big macho black husband sucking off another man's cock. The atmosphere as always was chilled, and everyone was made to feel welcome. At the time, Heidi panicked, and Kean swore to her that he'd always be faithful to her. Had a great day at Bi-Fun Club today, August Attended our first bi fun party. Heidi stood there, and there was an eerie, disturbing smile on the middle-aged white woman's face arsel she watched her big black husband's ass get filled by a thick Latino cock.

Bi Couple Swingers

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Dylan admired Kean's big black dick. Either way, Dylan was enjoying himself Loads going on my own silly fault I missed out on some action. A wonderful, ärlig couple. Lovely people 2nd time there. Great atmosphere knipa a good few willing participants, including a very willing lady with long blonde hair. Looking forward to getting time off work so I can attend again.

Bi Couple Swingers

Bi Couple Swingers

Bi Couple Swingers

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