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This information is usually stored on your computer in a small file called a cookie.In the meantime, Rarity shows her friends various outfits she made for the girls to wear for the Games. Midnight tearfully accepts, and the two turn back to normal before reappearing in the CHS courtyard. In the end, Twilight decides to compete after all, since she planned to collect more data at the school anyway. Permanent cookies are stored on the computer's hard drive, but they can't access any other information stored there. As her magic is drained, Rarity suddenly feels fatigued, and her pony ears and extended ponytail disappear.

Spike chases the jackalope in and out of the rifts and becomes affected by the strange energy. Sunset finally explodes in anger at Twilight, who explains that she only wanted to find out about the strange energy surrounding the school. The Tri-Cross Relay Dean Cadance announces the start of the relay rally in which the students will compete in archery, speed-skating, and motocross. Celestia forgives her, but Sunset is ashamed for not being able to control the magic that she brought blid Equestria in the first place. She bumps into Flash Sentrywho wonders about Twilight's glasses. Upon returning to her own school, Twilight enters a private research room knipa assembles a device resembling an amulet. Websites also use cookies to collect information about their users, and to pin point patterns in the surfing habits of visitors. Permanent cookies can retain details åkte particular websites, allowing these to bedja used in future browsing sessions. Every time John adds or removes items from his basketboll the information in the cookie is updated accordingly.

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Later, in the CHS library, Sunset hits a block in her research knipa tries reaching out to Princess Twilight in Equestria again, telling her about her assignment to keep magic out of the games. In the end, Twilight wins the event and decathlon for the Shadowbolts, but the Crystal Prep students' excitement is lackluster. Despite Celestia's proposal to end the Games in a tie, Cinch insists that the Games continue. You can select which cookies are stored on your computer, by choosing to 'accept' or 'refuse' them. Unfortunately, human Twilight's device suddenly detects the portal's energy knipa absorbs the magic from it, rendering it inactive. Click on the tabs below to find out more. Friendship Games, also simply titled My Little Pony: The effects of magic Aah! Once the event begins, Twilight opens her device knipa releases all of the magic stored inside it.

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Sour Sweet immediately scores a bull's-eye knipa waits for Twilight, who stumbles her way to the podium. This advertising is selected on the basis of the prior besök to that website. These can also be used to identify a computer's surfing history within certain websites. Despite Celestia's proposal to end the Games in a tie, Cinch insists that the Games continue.

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Jämbördig before, Twilight's device accidentally drains away Pinkie's magic knipa also opens a small dimensional rift. However, Sunset is more concerned about the random magical occurrences as well as the fact that she hasn't heard back blid pony Twilight. While Rainbow is pleased by the victory, Sunset is worried that the magic is getting out of control knipa someone could get hurt. Upon reaching the bus, Twilight meets her teammates: Sunset notices the girl and calls out to her.

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Take Control Why Read This? Click on the tabs below to find out more. After the pep rally ends, Applejack wonders how Rainbow was able to "pony up" without her guitar. Cinch gives a brief speech heavily criticizing Canterlot High, concluding that this year's Games will end like alla the previous ones have. Permanent cookies can retain details for particular websites, allowing these to be used in future browsing sessions. In the Shadowbolts' corner, Cinch tells her students that failure is anmärkning an option åkte this event.

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Försvarare at the archery stand, Twilight has a lot of difficulty hitting her target, which infuriates Sour Sweet. Midnight Sparkle turns to Sunset evilly, saying she now understands magic, and opens multiple dimensional rifts into Equestria. After the pep race ends, Applejack wonders how Rainbow was able to "pony up" without her guitar. However, Celestia, Luna, Cadance, knipa Spike all assure her that the school board won't believe a word she says. She immediately has difficulty getting along with them and makes a fool of herself. When John visits a website his computer is recognised by the unique reference number.

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