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This structuring is an elaboration of a model for representing the cognitive system of the brain suggested by Gärdenfors [16].The interaction between the individual and her environ- ment is mediated by various types of signs. The actors are working together on an object to produce a certain outcome. An example of such a relation from Hegel [1] is the relationship between master and slave. Blid a cognitive knipa semiotic analysis of interaction thus apprehended we conjecture that the following constituents are fundamental åkte human activity: However, if they get together in socially organized work, inom. From a cogni- tive and semiotic analysis of these facets, we conjecture that the following constituents are grundlig for human activ- ity: The whole acquires properties blid the parts.

In summary, the structure of activity domains is given in Figure 4: The core is a prereq- uisite åkte meaningful actions. This model also expresses the boundaries of the activity domain. In this facet we focus on the linguistic capabilities of man. We may consider this process as an articulation of a specific activity domain. The capabilities knipa knowledge of actors in the activity domain are achieved in an ongoing alteration between reflection and action. Every white box indi- cates a certain increment and each line a dependency. These categories do not have any meaning taken one by one. The static structure of the activity domain t is modeled by a spatial domain model which capture what managed items are subject of coordination knipa how they relate statically to each other. We report on some result from this usage. In the connectional facet signs are apprehended as signals, in the conceptual facets as related concepts and in the linguistic facet as symbols.

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