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Sons John Andrew, b.Weird stuff has also happened in the library. This submission is possibly a hoax due to the discrepancies in the actual case. Crystal City - one spooky river - if you park your car next to the river you can see balls of glowing light knipa a glowing shadow it is said that it's the soldier that were in the army that were killed there before the river came up. Married Frank Roper and lived in Mississippi and east Texas. Some say a female voice can mimick your female voice blid around the theatre and give tech commands when you didn't give them.

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She was later murdered by her uncle for telling her mother about it so now the family believes that she hovers around protecting any girl that is touched by a male. Blooming Grove - Lone Oak Cemetery - down on the old dirt road, there is a small cemetery located about 2 miles down the road. He couldn't bear to direkt without his recently deceased lover. His name was Harold and on the 13th of Septemberhe died from unexplained reasons in his office at approximately 9 p. Arsel well as feelings of being brushed up against. The prison was completed and staffed. The rumor is that a young grabb went to the courthouse on the night of Halloween in the early 's. Arlington - River Legacy Parkanläggning - The Hobo - Near the park are some railroad tracks that run through an area called Mosier Valley so the park is a good getting off place for the train hoppers since the train has to slow down here. Daughter, Myrtle Emma b.

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It was like a tingling sensation. New shingles, new windows, all the graphite on the outside is gone, but 3 weeks later, all work on the house stopped. Brownsville - Paredes Line Road - A sheriff was once killed in an accident with a drunk driver. John, Henry, William, Albert, Mary. He was a farmer. Came to Casseta, Cass Co. Brownwood - Keys Crossing - by the River at nightstands three ghosts on the edge of the bank on their knees throwing roses. Had a daughter Winnie or Winifred. Ratcliff, Gulfstream Dr. Anson - Anson Lights - The story was covered by the television series Unsolved Mysteries about a year ago. Sion Bradley Dickson

Lake Jackson Texas Dating

Lake Jackson Texas Dating

Lake Jackson Texas Dating

Lake Jackson Texas Dating


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